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Brilstone Clusters
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Brilstone Clusters of different elements grow all across the Hollow Lands and on Elemental Shrines. Brilstones can only be activated by magic corresponding to their own element. Upon activation, they grant a +20% Spell Damage and -20% Sorcery Cooldown buff to the Brillstone's Element for 30 s.

In addition, Brilstones react violently when activated:
  • Red Brilstone      | Fire      | 30 damage explosion
  • Brown BrilstoneStone | 30 damage explosion
  • Blue Brilstone    | Frost  | Spawns Flash Freeze
  • Green BrilstoneToxic  | Spawns a Toxic Cloud
  • Yellow BrilstoneWind  | Spawns a Tornado
  • Purple BrilstoneLightning | Lightning Strike
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