Brilstone Clusters

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Brilstone Clusters
Brilstone Clusters.png
Brilstone Clusters of different elements grow
across the Hollow Lands and on Elemental Shrines.
Grants +20% Elemental Spell Damage when activated.
Brilstones can only be activated by magic corresponding to their own element:
  • Red Brilstone        |  Fire    | Spawns an explosion
  • Brown Brilstone   |  Stone | Spawns an explosion
  • Green Brilstone    |  Toxic  | Spawns a Toxic Cloud
  • Blue Brilstone       |  Frost  | Spawns a Flash Freeze
  • Yellow Brilstone   |  Wind  | Spawns a Tornado
  • Purple Brilstone   |  Lightning  | Lightning Strike
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