All Six Elements

Players pick a Class before each match. The class they choose dictates their skills, allowing for unique builds and playstyles.

Each class is centered around an element, and will empower that element's corresponding Gauntlet.

At match start they are equipped with a Common Gauntlet correlating with the element of their chosen class.

Players start at level 1, meaning they have access to their first skill immediately.

Three additional skills will be unlocked in chronological order as the match progresses.

In Battle Royale, the Spellstorm will slowly enclose an ever shrinking safe zone.
Each time the player enters a new safe zone they will level up, unlocking the next skill for their chosen class. Players can also unlock a skill from a different class by visiting Shrines.

In Dominion, all players will level up as the match progresses at minutes 2, 4, and 8.
The player gains XP based on Accolades earned during the match, progressing in both their Mage Rank & Class Mastery Rank.

Only the Pyromancer Class is unlocked by default, the rest unlock at specific Mage Ranks. Advancing your Class Mastery Ranks will both unlock new Talents and various Cosmetics.


The Pyromancer class' starting gauntlet is Fire Gauntlet 3.1.png Fire Gauntlet.
It has a time to master rating of Low, and unlocks at Mage Rank 1.
The strengths of the class are: Well-balanced area control. [Strategies]

"Pyromancers are not strangers to heat. They bend with the flickering flame, embrace the blaze. Beware their fire, for if you are caught? Only the smoldering grass shall be left behind."
Level 1
(Starter Skill)
On Fireball Direct Hit: Ignite target (2s).
Fireball Explosion Radius: +200%.
Level 2
Immune: Your squad's Flamewalls.
On entering your squad's Flamewalls: Take Flight (2s).
Level 3
Flamewall Damage: +100% (2s)
Level 4
On Fireball Impact: Explode into 6 Cinders that Ignite targets. (1.5 m radius)


The Stoneshaper class' starting gauntlet is Stone Gauntlet 3.1.png Stone Gauntlet.
It has a time to master rating of Low, and unlocks at Mage Rank 2.
The strengths of the class are: Armored mid-range brawler. [Strategies]

"It starts with a rumble, a quake beneath your feet. The earth begins to crack, dark jagged lines across the ground. Boulders fall and crash. After the avalanche only the Stoneshaper remains."
Level 1
(Starter Skill)
Max Armor: +20

On Cast Shockwave: +3 Armor.

Level 2
On Cast Shockwave: Crash to the ground.
Level 3
Boulderfall Size: Grows as it flies.
Level 4
Max Boulderfall Charges: +1.


The Toxicologist class' starting gauntlet is Toxic Gauntlet 3.1.png Toxic Gauntlet.
It has a time to master rating of Medium, and unlocks at Mage Rank 3.
The strengths of the class are: Damage over time and stealth. [Strategies]

"The path of a Toxicologist is a strange one. Putrid fumes hide you, should you outlast its sting. Pooled toxins protect you, should you learn to love its bite. Can you become pure poison?"
Level 1
(Starter Skill)
Toxic Spray: Leaves Sticky Toxic Puddles (15s) on the ground.
Puddles deal 12 DPS (6 per tick) & Slows by 50%.
Hitting a target spawns a puddle under their feet.
Vanishing Mists
Level 2
Immune: Your squad's Toxic Clouds.
On entering your squad's Toxic Clouds:
Dash in the direction you're moving & become Invisible (3s).
Level 3
While Invisible: +75% Toxic Spray Damage.
Spreading Sickness
Level 4
Toxic Cloud: +2 Clouds.


The Conduit class' starting gauntlet is Lightning Gauntlet 3.1.png Lightning Gauntlet.
It has a time to master rating of High, and unlocks at Mage Rank 3.
The strengths of the class are: Rapid-fire and runic efficiency. [Strategies]

"The power of lightning, a deadly might. The Conduit knows these dangers all too well. The elecricity that flows through their veins, that shoots from their fingers. A paralyzing thrill."
Potential Energy
Level 1
(Starter Skill)
Lightning Bolt: +1 Damage every Bolt until you stop casting. Max +5.
Level 2
On Cast Lightning Strike: +1 Rune charge. Max 1.
Power Surge
Level 3
On Cast Lightning Strike: -100% mana cost on Spells (4s).
Secondary Strikes
Level 4
Lightning Strike: +4 Strikes at 0.6s intervals.


The Frostborn class' starting gauntlet is Frost Gauntlet 3.1.png Frost Gauntlet.
It has a time to master rating of High, and unlocks at Mage Rank 4.
The strengths of the class are: High damage from long range. [Strategies]

"A frozen arrow pulled taut. An unsuspecting foe. A silent strike. You will not hear their footsteps, for they glide across the frozen earth. A Frostborn, lying in wait with ready aim."
Frozen Alacrity
Level 1
(Starter Skill)
Ice Lance: Leaves an Ice Trail (7s) that accelerates you up to +24 Run Speed.
+150% Acceleration on Ice Trails.
Immune to Slows / Freeze
Level 2
Ice Lance: Outline visible targets while aiming.
On Ice Lance Full Charge: -100% mana cost.
Level 3
Immune to damage while casting Flash Freeze. (1.2s)
Also cleanse yourself of Ignite and Corrosion on cast.
Flash Freeze Duration: +100%.
Ice Prism
Level 4
Ice Lance: Overcharge for 0.5s for +35% damage.


The Tempest class' starting gauntlet is Wind Gauntlet 3.1.png Wind Gauntlet.
It has a time to master rating of High, and unlocks at Mage Rank 4.
The strengths of the class are: High-flying mobility. [Strategies]

"The winds begin to rise, the leaves begin to shake. That's your only warning before the Tempest arrives. Beware their cunning gales and slicing flurries. For the winds shall not be gentle today."
Wind Surge
Level 1
(Starter Skill)
On Wind Shear Ground Hit: Wind Jump.
Wind Jumping adds a mana recharge delay of 0.95s.
Level 2
Immune: Your squad's Tornadoes' Pull.
On entering your squad's Tornadoes: Launch into the air.
Level 3
On Updraft or Wind Surge: Spell Damage: +20%.

On Updraft or Wind Surge: Incoming Damage Reduction: +10%

Sudden Gust
Level 4
In Air (1s): Sorcery Cooldown Speed: +100%
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