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Skill Point Orb

Notable changes from previous patch
  • Sprint Speed bonuses changed from percentage to flat value.
    • Affected Skills: Lightning Fast, Frozen Alacrity,
      Vanishing Mists, Invigorate & Frenzy
  • Tempest: Squall Scroll now only amplifies spell damage
  • Stoneshaper: Flesh to Stone Scroll effect is no longer instant.
  • Scholar: Careful Study Scroll now highlights Invisible targets.
  • Scout: Tracking Scroll now highlights Invisible targets.
  • Crack Shot:
    • High Velocity Scroll nerfed
      from 30/60/90% to 15/30/45% projectile speed.
    • Steady Aim Scroll reworked
This is an archived page. It does not reflect the current state of Spellbreak.

In Spellbreak, the player can choose to play as two of twelve classes simultaneously that gives access to different scrolls.

These serve to augment the player's character, allowing for different builds and playstyles. Two gauntlets of the same element may be equipped.

Each class comes with a passive that they immediately start with, and three upgradable scrolls.

Over the course of the match, upon collecting a Skill Point the player will be presented with two random scrolls - one from each selected class.

The skill point can be used to unlock / upgrade only one of these two scrolls. A new selection of scrolls will appear with every subsequent skill point earned.

Each scroll must be unlocked with a skill point before it can be upgraded further.

There are 3 ways to acquire Skill Points:

  1. Enter a new safe zone.
  2. Open a Shrine. (Later renamed to Mana Vault)
  3. Exile opponents while having the Zealot.jpg Zealot's Zealot Scroll 3.jpg Vivisection scroll.

Players start the game with a baseline max health value of 100, a max mana value of 100, and a max armor value of 20.

These values can be changed with through a variety of Equipment and specific Scrolls such as Stoneshaper.jpgStoneshaper's Stoneshaper Scroll 2.jpg Flesh to Stone, or Tempest.jpgTempest's Tempest Scroll 1.jpg Slipstream.


The Bulwark Icon

The Bulwark class has a time to master rating of Low, its elemental specialization is None and the strengths of the class are: Extremely durable.

The Bulwarks specialize in defense and close-quarters combat.



Bulwark Passive.jpg
Fortify - If you have any armor, regenerate 5 armor every 10 seconds.
Selectable Scroll 1
Bulwark Scroll 1.jpg
Inner Peace - After taking damage, regenerate 40%/55%/70% of that damage over 20 seconds, but any further damage taken stops the regeneration.
Selectable Scroll 2
Bulwark Scroll 2.jpg
Manavore - 30%/40%/50% of damage done to HP is taken from mana instead.
Selectable Scroll 3
Bulwark Scroll 3.jpg
Transference - Gain armor equal to 20%/30%/40% of damage done to target's armor.


The Scavenger Icon

The Scavenger class has a time to master rating of Low, its elemental specialization is None and the strengths of the class are: Finding items.

Scavengers make do with what's around but if they can't, they just make more.



Scavenger Passive.jpg
Finders Keepers - Chests you open contain 1 additional item.
Selectable Scroll 1
Scavenger Scroll 1.jpg
Appraise - Items within 50/100/150 meters are highlighted.
Selectable Scroll 2
Scavenger Scroll 2.jpg
Finest Wares - When your inventory and equipment slots are full, lower rune cooldown by 5/10/15%, decrease cast time by 5/10/15%., and reduce all incoming damage by 5/10/15%..
Selectable Scroll 3
Scavenger Scroll 3.jpg
Thirst Quencer - Picking up a new potion or shard gives you an extra 1/2/3 of that type. You consume items 15%/25%/35% faster.


The Conduit Icon

The Conduit class has a time to master rating of High, its elemental specialization is Lightning and the strengths of the class are: Sprint speed, Indirect and passive damage.

Conduits call down the power of lightning from the skies.



Conduit Passive.jpg
Lightning Fast - Increases sprint speed by 2, but breaks briefly when you attack or take damage.
Selectable Scroll 1
Conduit Scroll 1.jpg
Arc Flash - Your lightning bolts have a 25/50/75% chance to leave behind a ball of lightning that strikes nearby players.
Selectable Scroll 2
Conduit Scroll 2.jpg
Charged Rune - After using your rune, fire arcs of lightning toward the nearest target for 20/30/40 damage (has 5 second cooldown).
Selectable Scroll 3
Conduit Scroll 3.jpg
Lightning Rod - Your Lightning Strike strikes an additional 1/2/3 times.


The Pyromancer Icon

The Pyromancer class has a time to master rating of Low, its elemental specialization is Fire and the strengths of the class are: Healing and damage over time.

From the flames, a Pyromancer wields fire to inflict long-lasting effects.



Pyromancer Passive.jpg
Phoenix's Rebirth - Resurrect on death with 50% HP, becoming immune for a short duration, but only once.
Selectable Scroll 1
Pyromancer Scroll 1.jpg
Born of Fire - Become immune to your Fireball explosions and heal 4/8/12 HP every 2 seconds while standing in fire.
Selectable Scroll 2
Pyromancer Scroll 2.jpg
Ignite - Your Fireballs set players on fire, dealing 2/4/6 damage per second for 3 seconds.
Selectable Scroll 3
Pyromancer Scroll 3.jpg
Lasting Burn - Fireballs leave puddles of fire that last for 5/10/15 seconds.


The Tempest Icon

The Tempest class has a time to master rating of High, its elemental specialization is Wind and the strengths of the class are: Aerial combat.

A Tempest's victory flies in on the wings of the wind.



Tempest Passive.jpg
Updraft - Become immune to Tornadoes and launch skyward when entering them. [Including Electric/Toxic/Flame Tornadoes]
Selectable Scroll 1
Tempest Scroll 1.jpg
Slipstream - Gain 10/20/30 mana and max mana every second while in the air. 3 seconds after touching the ground, max mana resets to normal.
Selectable Scroll 2
Tempest Scroll 2.jpg
Squall - For every spell cast in the air, increases spell damage by 6/8/10% up to a max of 30/40/50%. After touching the ground, all stacks are lost.
Selectable Scroll 3
Tempest Scroll 3.jpg
Sudden Gust - After being in the air for 1 second, sorceries cooldown 100/150/200% faster while in the air.


The Frostborn Icon

The Frostborn class has a time to master rating of High, its elemental specialization is Frost and the strengths of the class are: Mobility, Utility.

The Frostborn have mastered Ice and its chilly but nuanced uses.



Frostborn Passive.jpg
Cold Snap - Every 30 seconds, set your overarmor to 50. It shatters after taking any damage.
Selectable Scroll 1
Frostborn Scroll 1.jpg
Chilling Effect - While on ice, mana costs are reduced by 50/70/90%.
Selectable Scroll 2
Frostborn Scroll 2.jpg
Frozen Alacrity - Increase sprint speed on ice by 10/12/14 and no longer slip on ice.
Selectable Scroll 3
Frostborn Scroll 3.jpg
Tundra - Increase Flash Freeze's size and duration by 50%/75%/100%.


The Stoneshaper Icon

The Stoneshaper class has a time to master rating of Medium, its elemental specialization is Stone and the strengths of the class are: Armor-based attacks and defense.

The Stoneshapers forge with the power of earth itself.



Stoneshaper Passive.jpg
Sunder - Targets lose an additional 20% armor when damaged.
Selectable Scroll 1
Stoneshaper Scroll 1.jpg
Earth's Mantle - If damage would exile you, set your HP to 1 instead. Cannot occur more than once every 90/75/60 seconds.
Selectable Scroll 2
Stoneshaper Scroll 2.jpg
Flesh to Stone - Sets your armor and max armor to 200/250/300, but max HP to 10 over 10 seconds.
Selectable Scroll 3
Stoneshaper Scroll 3.jpg
Rockslide - Increases the length of your Shockwave by 15/30/45% and makes it bounce off obstacles instead of colliding.


The Toxicologist Icon

The Toxicologist class has a time to master rating of Medium, its elemental specialization is Toxic and the strengths of the class are: Zone control, Damage over time.

Toxicologists spew forth terrible poisons.



Toxicologist Passive.jpg
Corrosion - Targets you hit lose 5 armor every 5 seconds for 15 seconds.
Selectable Scroll 1
Toxicologist Scroll 1.jpg
Bubonic Bounce - Toxic Cloud bounces 1/2/3 times and leaves behind an extra cloud per bounce.
Selectable Scroll 2
Toxicologist Scroll 2.jpg
Spreading Sickness - Targets take an additional 20/30/40% damage from your attacks over the next 10 seconds if they have no armor.
Selectable Scroll 3
Toxicologist Scroll 3.jpg
Vanishing Mists - "Become immune to all Toxic Clouds and become invisible and increase your sprint speed by 3 for 3/6/9 seconds when entering one.


The Scholar Icon

The Scholar class has a time to master rating of Medium, its elemental specialization is None and the strengths of the class are: Rune usage, Target tracking.

Scholars study runes and have learned powerful single-use magics.



Scholar Passive.jpg
Updated Translations - Decrease rune cooldown by 20%.
Selectable Scroll 1
Scholar Scroll 1.jpg
Careful Study - Targets you hit are outlined for 5/7/10 seconds. [Includes invisible targets]
Selectable Scroll 2
Scholar Scroll 2.jpg
Runic Inspiration - After using a rune, decreases your and your nearby teammates' rune cooldown by 30/40/50% for 5 seconds (targets have 15 second cooldown).
Selectable Scroll 3
Scholar Scroll 3.jpg
Intense Learning - Instantly refill a rune charge upon taking 40/30/20 total damage.


The Scout Icon

The Scout class has a time to master rating of Medium, its elemental specialization is None and the strengths of the class are: Map knowledge, Team support.

Scouts are incredible leaders who execute deliberate plans whilst tracking down their foes.



Scout Passive.jpg
Foresight - See upcoming Shrine locations.
Selectable Scroll 1
Scout Scroll 1.jpg
Invigorate - Every 3 seconds, increases your and your nearby teammates' sprint speed by 1/2/3 for 4 seconds.
Selectable Scroll 2
Scout Scroll 2.jpg
Shot Caller - Decreases your spell damage by 30% but increases damage done to targets from any source by 15/20/25% for 3 seconds.
Selectable Scroll 3
Scout Scroll 3.jpg
Tracking - Targets you hit are outlined for you and your team for 2/4/6 seconds. [Includes invisible targets]

Crack Shot

The Crack Shot Icon

The Crack Shot class has a time to master rating of High, its elemental specialization is None and the strengths of the class are: High damage precision casting.

Crack Shots prefer to take their foes down from long range with skillful shots.



Crack Shot Passive.jpg
Empower - Deal 30% more spell damage with a single spell. After casting, it takes 10 seconds to become Empowered again.
Selectable Scroll 1
Crack Shot Scroll 1.jpg
Armor Piercing - 20%/30%/40% of damage ignores target's armor.
Selectable Scroll 2
Crack Shot Scroll 2.jpg
High Velocity - Increases projectile speed by 15/30/45%.
Selectable Scroll 3
Crack Shot Scroll 3.jpg
Steady Aim - After not moving for 1 second, increases your spell damage by 4/6/8% every second. Stacks up to 5 times up to a maximum of 20/30/40%.


The Zealot Icon

The Zealot class has a time to master rating of High, its elemental specialization is None and the strengths of the class are: High risk, High reward aggression.

The Zealot gains their power through their own pain.



Zealot Passive.jpg
Frenzy - When you're at or below 35 HP, increases damage by 35% and sprint speed by 2.
Selectable Scroll 1
Zealot Scroll 1.jpg
Blood Armor - Every 3 seconds, gain 3/5/7 armor, but lose 2/3/4 health (stops at max armor or 5 or less health).
Selectable Scroll 2
Zealot Scroll 2.jpg
Penitence - If you take more than 40 damage to HP in 2 seconds, further incoming damage is reduced by 30/50/70% for 2 seconds.
Selectable Scroll 3
Zealot Scroll 3.jpg
Vivisection - Upon exiling an enemy, they have a 80/90/100% chance to drop a Skill Point.

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