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Please note that these images are Concept Art, and as such do not reflect the current state of the game.


For an overview of the current state of Spellbreak, refer to the other pages.

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Forebear (aka Marla)

Avira Emberdane

Quincy Poisewax


Thadius Vanderun Concept

Thadius Vanderun Head

Thadius Vanderun Final

Ferec Snowlash Sketch

Ferec Snowlash Head

Ferec Snowlash Concept 1

Ferec Snowlash Concept 2

Ferec Snowlash Final

Automaton Ideas Concepts

Aegis Wardens

Brilly Concept Ideas

Brilly Concept

Brilly Final Concept 1

Brilly Final Concept 2

Brilly Final Concept 3

Brilly Final Concept 4


Hollowed Eve Outfits

Founder Skin Sketch

Founder Packs Promo Art

Keymaster Alternatives

Keymaster Ortho

Keymaster Final

Bug Hunter First Pass

Bug Hunter Ortho

Bug Hunter Final

Patchwork Ortho

Patchwork Final

Bogmore Deathdealer Concept Art 1

Bogmore Deathdealer Concept Art 2

Bogmore Deathdealer Concept Art 3

Stoneshaper VFX

Stoneshaper Class Skin

Tempest Class Skin

Plague Doctor

Toxicologist Class Skin

Pyromancer Class Skin

Frostborn Explorations

Frostborn Iterations

Frostborn First Pass

Frostborn Back View

Frostborn Final

Scholar Concept

Salacious Succubus Render

Salacious Succubus In-Game

Sky Drifter Render

Sky Drifter In-Game

Infernal Hound Render

Infernal Hound In-Game

Warden Ortho

Venerated Justicar Concepts

Venerated Justicar Final

Blossom Dryad Concept

Blossom Dryad In-Game

Blossom Dryad Final

Fae King Variations

Fae King Final

Valkyrie Concept

Valkyrie Final

Initial Sketches Deirdre

Deirdre Final Concept


Fire Gauntlet Concept A

Fire Gauntlet Concept B

Fire Gauntlet FX

Fire Gauntlet Rough Sketches

Fire Gauntlet Alternate

Fire Gauntlet Final

Poison Gauntlet Concept

Toxic Gauntlet First Pass Rough Sketches

Toxic Gauntlet Second Pass Rough Sketches

Toxic Lopoly

Toxic Hipoly

Toxic Gauntlet Final

Toxic In-Game

Frost Gauntlet Rough Sketches

Frost Gauntlet Alternate

Frost Lopoly

Frost Hipoly

Frost Gauntlet Final

Frost In-Game

Lightning Gauntlet Rough Sketches

Lightning Gauntlet Alternate

Lightning Lopoly

Lightning Hipoly

Lightning Gauntlet Final

Lightning In-Game

Stone Gauntlet First Pass Rough Sketches

Stone Gauntlet Second Pass Rough Sketches

Stone Lopoly

Stone Hipoly

Stone Gauntlet Final

Stone In-Game

Wind Gauntlet Rough Sketches

Wind Silhouettes

Wind Lopoly

Wind Gauntlet Final

Wind In-Game

Spells & Sorceries[]

Fireball Concept

Flamewall Concept

Poison Gauntlet FX

Poison Cloud Concept

Inside Poison Cloud Concept

Dragonfire Interactions

Ice Lance & Poison Cloud Interaction

Poison Spray & Frozen Poison Wall Interaction

Fireball & Frozen Poison Wall Interaction

Fireball & Frozen Poison Patch Interaction

Fireball & Ice Patch / Water Puddle Interaction

Ice Lance

Ice Lance FX

Battlemage Using Ice

Lightning Spell

Lightning Sorcery

Stone Shockwave

Wind Tornado

Tornado Variations

Chests & Vaults[]

Chest Process

Old Vaults Rough Sketches

Old Vaults Final

Vaults Rough Sketches

Vault Rune Hipoly

Vault Small Hipoly

Vault Tall Hipoly

Vault Epic Hipoly

Vaults Lopoly

Vaults Final

Mana Vault First Pass Rough Sketches

Mana Vault Second Pass Rough Sketches

Mana Vault Third Pass Rough Sketches

Mana Vault Hipoly

Mana Vault "Available"

Mana Vault In-Game

Promotional Art[]

Pre-Alpha Concept Art

Closed Alpha Banner

PS4 Announcement Banner

Closed Beta 1 Art

Closed Beta 1 Art Warm

Unused Key Contest Art

Unused Twitch Art

Launch Trailer Thumbnail


Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Early Character Style

Character Lineup 1

Character Lineup 2

Character Lineup 3

Character Lineup 4

Pack Promotion 1

Pack Promotion 2

Pack Promotion 3

Pack Promotion 4

Marcus Firing





Chapter 2 The Fracture 1

Chapter 2 The Fracture 2

Chapter 1 Toxic & Lightning

Chapter 1 Frost & Lightning

Stone & Fire Combo

Forest Shocknado

Toxic Shock Cloud


Fire v Lightning

Ice v Toxic

Fireball Spell

Spellbreak Contest

Speed Demon Dashing


Marla Dashing Towards Flamewall


Lightning Tornado

Clash Fight

Large Chest Opening

An arch in Halcyon

Dustpool Hold

A fortification in the Dustpool region

The windmills of Banehelm

A broken bridge along The Fracture

Ruins in Hymnwood

Hope's End from a high vantage point

Loading Screens[]

Patch .20 Loading Screen

Patch .21 Loading Screen

Patch .22 Loading Screen

Patch .24 Loading Screen

Patch .25 Loading Screen

Patch .26 Loading Screen

Patch .27 Loading Screen

Patch .28 Loading Screen

Patch .30 Loading Screen

Patch .32 Loading Screen

Patch .34 Loading Screen

Patch .35 Loading Screen

Patch .37 Loading Screen

Patch .40 Loading Screen

Release 1.0 Loading Screen

Release 2.0 Loading Screen

Release 3.0 Loading Screen

Release 4.0 Loading Screen

Aegis Towers[]

Aegis Thumbnail

Aegis Sketch 1

Aegis Sketch 2

Aegis Final

Fever Ridge[]

Fever Ridge

Fever Ridge - Fracture Exit Wound

Fever Ridge - Nomad Villages

Fever Ridge - Nomad Structures

Fever Ridge - Repurposed Ruins


Longwatch Concept 1

Longwatch Concept 2

Longwatch Concept 3

Longwatch Concept 4


Campus Layout

Campus 1

Campus 2

Campus 3

Banehelm Thumbnails

Observatory Thumbnails




Library 2

Library Staircase

Banehelm Interior Library - Second Floor

Great Hall 1

Great Hall 2

Great Hall Pre-Destruction 1

Great Hall Pre-Destruction 2

Great Hall Pre-Destruction 3


Dustpool Concept Art

Landscape 1

Landscape 2

Landscape 3

Cake Mountain Sketch 1

Cake Mountain Sketch 2

Cake Mountain Final

Dustpool Terrain

Gritfeld Village Buildings

Dustpool Hold

Dustpool Hold And Water Towers

Dustpool Hold Marketplace

Dustpool Hold Waterfall Towers

Dustpool Hold Dex Gardens


Deadmoss Sketch 1

Deadmoss Sketch 2

Deadmoss Sketch 3

Landscape Sketch

Landscape Sketch 2

Landscape 1

Landscape 2

Deadmoss Highway

Dreadcurtain Top View

Dreadcurtain Bottom View

Village Concepts

Village Diorama

Castle Bogmore 1

Castle Bogmore 2


Castle Bogmore Boathouses

Castle Bogmore Shops

Castle Bogmore Brokers

Castle Bogmore Investors

Castle Bogmore Tower 1

Castle Bogmore Tower 2

Fort Halcyon[]

Fort Halcyon Tower Sketch

Fort Halcyon Tower Concepts 1

Fort Halcyon Tower Concepts 2

Fort Halcyon Tower Concepts 3

Fort Halcyon Tower Concepts 4

Enormous statues in Halcyon Final

Broken Tower Iterations

Fort Halcyon Secondary Tower Concepts

Fort Halcyon Iterations


Building Sketches

Tightened Designs

Color Explorations & Destroyed Assets

Destroyed Village Concept

Destroyed Village Final

A decaying hut in Halcyon Final

Dwelling Interior

Dwelling Interior Prop Explorations

Prop Concept

Grain Silo

Water Wheel


Roof Textures

Wall Materials & Textures

First Pass - Floor Materials & Textures

Final - Materials & Texture

Greybox & Pieces

Greybox Inside

Environment & Architecture[]

Scroll 1st pass

Scroll 2nd pass

Scroll final

Brilstone Concept Art

Rock Floor Texture 1

Rock Floor Texture 2

Torch Sketches

Statue Sketches

Crest Sketches

Statue 3D

Stone Wall Sketches

Architecture & Scale Sketch

Mountain Sketch 1

Mountain Sketch 2

Mountain Sketch 3

Foliage Sketch

Conifer Foliage Sketch

Castle Sketch 2D

Castle Sketch 3D

3D Models

Castle Concept

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