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Deadmoss (Region)
Southeast of The Hollow Lands
Home to
The Bogmore Collective
The Hand of Secrets, Shadehand

The Deadmoss region is home to the secretive Bogmore Collective kingdom, with the infamous Castle Bogmore located near the center. Recognizable by its fractured wall and floating rocks is Dreadcurtain, where the Lost War took place. (Garrick, Book 2, Page 179)

The war layed the groundwork for The Five Hand Alliance's founding, and perhaps not coincidentally, the introduction of the Vow Mandate.


Chapter 5 of Highland History describes the region in detail:

"The region itself is known as a difficult place to live and has long been considered the most dangerous place in all the Highlands.
There are stories of raiding parties from outside of the Highlands entering the region but there has been no confirmation of those conflicts.

Castle Bogmore is shrouded in the hazy fog of the southern marshes. The kingdom is well suited for the Hand of Secrets, responsible for information both foreign and domestic.
The identity of the Hand of Secrets is closely guarded
and it is said that even the other Hands of the alliance are not given that information.

There is a certain level of zealotry to the members of the Bogmore Collective, members are all given a tattoo
but the purpose and differences are not known to outsiders and never discussed.
The people of the collective value strong ambition, cunning in the face of terrible odds, and a grace in even the most difficult of situations."