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This is an archived page. It does not reflect the current state of Spellbreak.

Players have access to a variety of equipment in Spellbreak to modify and enable their activated abilities (Gauntlets and Runes).

Equipment also augments a player's offense, defense, and mobility (Amulets, Belts, and Boots).

Players start the game with a baseline max health value of 100, a max mana value of 100, and a max armor value of 75.

Icon Name Effect
Student Amulet.png
Student's Amulet Increases spell damage by 5%.
Knowledge Amulet.png
Amulet of Knowledge Increase max mana by 25.
Nimble Amulet.png
Nimble Amulet Increase cast speed by 15%.
Thinker Amulet.png
Thinkers Amulet Reduce mana costs by 20%.
Mind Amulet.png
Amulet of the Mind Increase max mana by 50.
Quickening Amulet.png
Quickening Amulet Decrease sorcery cooldowns by 35%.
Vandal Amulet.png
Amulet of the Vandal 15% of damage ignores target's armor.
Dextrous Amulet.png
Dextrous Amulet Increase cast speed by 30%.
Infected Amulet.png
Infected Amulet Increases size of poison puddles by 100% and puddles set movement speed to 50% of normal.
Refraction Amulet.png
Amulet of Icy Refraction Ice Shot charges 100% faster and bounces 4 times.
Conflag Amulet.png
Conflagration Amulet Your fireball launches 3 smaller fireballs randomly when it explodes (10 Damage, No Radius Damage Dropoff).
Crosswind Amulet.png
Crosswind Amulet Fire additional 2 Wind Shears, but lower their damage by 30%.
Reactive Amulet.png
Reactive Amulet If you take more than 30 damage to HP in 2 seconds, instantly fire 2 lightning bolts at nearby targets.
Eruption Amulet.png
Eruption Amulet Earth shockwave launches you up in the air
Amulet of Strong Winds.png
Amulet of Strong Winds Increases the knockback on others from wind spells by 100%
Behemoth Amulet.png
Behemoth Amulet Reduce mana costs by 20%, increase cast speed by 25%, and increase damage by 10%.
Leech Amulet.png
Leech Amulet Leech 30% of damage done as HP, and 20% as mana.
Scribe Amulet.png
Scribe Amulet After using a rune, refresh your sorcery cooldowns (5 second cooldown).
Icon Name Effect
Student Belt.png
Student's Amulet Reduces damage taken by 5%.
Armored Belt.png
Armored Belt Increases max armor by 100.
Constitution Belt.png
Belt of Constitution Increases max health by 25.
RunicSpeed Belt.png
Belt of Runic Speed Decrease rune cooldown by 10%.
Reinforced Belt.png
Reinforced Belt Increases amount of armor gained from all sources by 100%.
Earth Wind Belt.png
Belt of Earth and Wind Reduce damage taken from earth and wind by 30%.
Fire Ice Belt.png
Belt of Fire and Ice Reduce damage taken from fire and ice by 30%
Lightning Poison Belt.png
Belt of Lightning and Poison Reduce damage taken from lightning and poison by 30%.
Regeneration Belt.png
Belt of Regeneration Regenerate 1 HP every 3 seconds.
RunicStudy Belt.png
Belt of Runic Study Increase max rune charges by 1.
Slacking Belt.png
Slaking Belt Drink potions 100% faster and increase effects of all healing on you by 100%.
Scribe Belt.png
Belt of the Scribe After using a rune, reduce all incoming damage by 95% for 1 second (5 second cooldown).
Impenetrable Belt.png
Impenetrable Belt Reduce all incoming damage by 20%.
Behemoth Belt.png
Behemoth Belt Increases max armor by 100, max health by 25, and max rune charges by 1.
RunicFluency Belt.png
Belt of Runic Fluency Increase max rune charges by 2 and decrease rune cooldown by 20%.
Icon Name Effect
Student Boots.png
Student's Shoes Increase your sprint speed by 10%.
Rubber Boots.png
Rubber Boots Poison Puddles do no damage to you.
Spiked Boots.png
Spiked Boots You no longer slip on ice.
Mouse Boots.png
Boots of the Mouse Increases your movement speed while crouching by 50% and decreases your movement noise by 25%.
Cat Boots.png
Boots of the Cat Increases your jump velocity by 35%.
Scribe Boots.png
Boots of the Scribe After using a rune, increase your run speed by 25% for 7 seconds.
Grounding Boots.png
Grounding Boots You no longer get stunned by electricity.
Behemoth Boots.png
Behemoth Boots Immune to stuns from electricity, poison puddles, and no longer slip on ice.
Sprinting Boots.png
Boots of Sprinting Increase your sprint speed by 25%.
Slowfall Boots.png
Slowfall Boots Decreases the effects of gravity by 75%.
Leaping Boots.png
Boots of Leaping Allows you to jump 3 times and increases your jump velocity by 25%.
Padded Boots.png
Padded Shoes Your movement makes no sound.
Phasing Boots.png
Phasing Boots Every 10 seconds, you become invisible for 5 seconds.


Runes grant access to a third activated ability which provides non-damaging utility, primarily mobility.

Icon Rune Description Cooldown and (Duration)
Featherfall Rune.png
Featherfall Rune Jumps up, then you slowly fall down for a duration. 12 Seconds

(3.7 Seconds)

Invisibility Rune.png
Invisibility Rune Become invisible. (Distorted Light at your position with High effects). 15 Seconds

(10 Seconds)

Flight Rune.png
Flight Rune For the duration, fly up and propel yourself towards where your mouse points. 25 Seconds

(4 Seconds)

Teleport Rune.png
Teleport Rune After a short channel (0.8s), you teleport to target location. (60m range) 12 Seconds


Chronomaster Rune.png
Chronomaster Rune Turn back 5 seconds in time instantly, regaining lost HP and Armor over 3 seconds.
You're unable to move or cast spells while regaining HP. Interrupted on damage taken.
30 Seconds

(4 Seconds)

Shadowstep Rune.png
Shadowstep Rune Dash forward and become invisible for a period of time or until you attack. 15 Seconds

(5 Seconds)

Wolf'sBlood Rune.png
Wolf's Eye Blood Rune Opponents are highlighted in your screen for a period of time. 60 Seconds

(40 Seconds)

Blink Rune.png
Blink Rune Dash forward a short distance. 3 Charges. Attack lock out. 3 Seconds



Consumables heals the user instantly after a short channel. They can be used while at full health / armor.
The player can't sprint, but can move, crouch and loot while channeling. Can be channeled while in the air. Doesn't break invisibility.
Casting any Spells, Sorceries, activating Runes or taking direct damage from another player will cancel the channel. Max stack of 5.

Icon Name Description
SmallHP Consumable.png
Small Health Potion After drinking for 3 seconds, heals you for 10 health instantly.
LargeHP Consumable.png
Large Health Potion After drinking for 6 seconds, heals you for 25 health instantly.
Armor Shard.png
Small Armor Shard After consuming for 3 seconds, grants you 10 armor instantly.
Large Armor Shard.png
Large Armor Shard After consuming for 6 seconds, grants you 25 armor instantly.
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