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Ferec Snowlash
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Mandate Patriarch
The Vowkeepers
Leoven Snowlash

Ferec Snowslash is Garrick's current master as well as a highly ranked Vowkeeper. He effectively has as much if not more control over the Vowguard as the current Hand of Defense, Ardin Wynro. His goal is to stop the Vowbreakers and destroy all magic.[1]

After The Fracture Ferec was granted emergency powers by the Five Hands to deal with the cataclysm and threat of the Vowbreakers.

Garrick discovered a journal that "supposedly belonged to Ferec Snowslash". However, this is likely just a typo, as later on in Book 4, Page 224, Garrick references the journal as belonging to his grandfather Leoven Snowlash:

"I knew that helping the Breakers was wrong, but ever since that young disheveled girl brought me the journal of Leoven Snowlash I felt an internal conflict brewing"

The journal contained training manuals for Breakers, instructions for the use of elemental magic, specifically gauntlets. The journal serves as possible evidence that Leoven broke his vow to the Vowkeepers long ago, and that Ferec may have done the same.

According to a letter addressed to Ferec, which Garrick received from Avira, the Vowkeepers secretly requested to find a way to reconstitute a shattered Vital Stone. From Lyna Springflare's project notes, we learn the Vital Stone in question was the mythical Vital Stone of Gyle, later revealed in Chapter 2 as the cause of The Fracture.