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Spellbreak currently has 2 main Game Modes: Battle Royale and Dominion.


Completing matches in either game mode will award the player with XP to rank up their Mage & Class Ranks.
In ranked they will also be awarded Crowns.pngCrowns White.png Crowns based the Accolades they earned during the match.

Battle Royale[]

Battle Royale

Battle Royale.png

In BR, players can queue as either Solo.png Solo, Duo.png Duo or Squad.png Squad (3 players). Max player lobby size: 42.

To win the match, players must fight to exile each other while staying out of the Spellstorm until they're the last ones standing.

In solo queue, the player will be exiled upon taking lethal damage, ending their match.
All equipment plus a random Spirit Scroll.png Scroll they have read will be dropped in the process.

In duo & squad queues, a match only truly ends for a squad once all their members have been exiled.
Upon taking lethal damage, they will first be disrupted into a wisp for up to 60 seconds before being exiled.
Disrupted players are immune to damage, but their actions are limited to slow movement alone.
In this state they may be Exile.png exiled by an opponent early, or Revive.png revived with 40 health by a squadmate, following a 6.5 / 5 second channel respectively.

Players may still be resurrected post-exile by their remainding squadmates, once they enter a new safe zone.
Allies resurrected this way drop into the Hollow Lands anew with full health, but with no Consumables or Equipment besides their Class Gauntlet. They may also miss out on potential level ups from new safe zones.

Baseline stat values: Max Health: 100 | Max Armor: 0 | Max Mana: 50 | Run Speed: 24.5

The Spellstorm[]

One of the core game mechanics in Battle Royale is an ever-shrinking safe zone outlined by a circle on the map.
Players must aim to stay inside the safe zone at all costs in order to survive.
The safe zone will spawn 20 seconds after match start, and can appear anywhere on the Hollow Lands map.
Players level up upon entering a new safe zone, unlocking the next Skill for their chosen Class.

Outside the safe zone is a furious Spellstorm that slowly deals damage directly to a player's health.
The damage roughly doubles in power each time the Storm fully encloses a new safe zone, and will continue to shrink until the entire map is covered.
Additionally, Mana Vault New.png Mana Vaults will spawn inside the safe zone each time the Storm fully encloses it.




Dominion is an objective-based 5v5 game mode, where teams fight to earn points by capturing zones and exiling each other until a score threshold is met.
The match takes place in one of five randomly chosen maps: Banehelm, Dustpool, Halcyon, Hymnwood and Bogmore.

The maps share the same regions of the Hollow Lands you would find in BR, but are encircled by a red Spellstorm that instantly exiles players.

Within each map are three distinct zones to capture: Moon, Sun, and Star.
To capture a zone the player simply has to stand inside it for 10 s. The capturing process accelerates if multiple teammates are present, but will be paused if contested by a nearby enemy player.

The score threshold is equal to 75 + (15 * number of players per team).
So for a full team of 5 players the threshold will be 150.
If the score hasn’t been reached after 15 minutes, the team with the highest score wins.
Teams will passively earn 1 point every 10 seconds for each zone under their control. Exiling an enemy player grants points equal to the number of zones controlled, but always a minimum of 1 point.

As the match progresses, players will level up at minutes 2, 4, and 8, unlocking their next Class Skill.

The Vowguard[]

Dominion features NPC Vowguards that spawn in groups of three at fixed locations.
Vowguards have 35 max health, and will attack nearby players with an arcane spell, dealing 10 damage.

Upon being exiled they can drop any LargeHP Consumable.png Consumable, a random piece of up to Rare rarity loot, or Scrolls.
Once the entire group is defeated they will respawn after 20 - 35 seconds.

The Merchant[]

The Merchant

The Merchant

In the Dominion game mode there are no Chests, Amulets, Belts or Boots. Instead, players get their loot by exchanging so-called Boon Gem.png Boon Gems at The Merchant.

Players start with and can store up to 3 Boon Gem charges. Charges fill up slowly over time, and faster as players exile or deal damage to enemy Breakers & Vowguards.

Boon Gems can be exchanged at the merchant for a Boon offer after recalling or getting exiled. Being exiled grants the player a Boon Gem charge if they don't have any.

At the beginning of a match, the merchant offers two rounds of three boon choices, consisting of random Common offhand Gauntlets & Runes respectively.
The merchant will then cycle through three different sets of boon choices between each purchase.
These Boon choices include Gauntlets, Runes and Blessings. All Boons offered are guaranteed to be one rarity level higher than what is equipped.

Boon Set 1:

  • Option 1: Offhand Gauntlet Upgrade of a random element
  • Option 2: Equipped Rune Upgrade
  • Option 3: Class Gauntlet Upgrade OR a random Blessing

Boon Set 2:

  • Option 1: Equipped Offhand Gauntlet Upgrade
  • Option 2: Rune Upgrade of a random type
  • Option 3: Class Gauntlet Upgrade OR a random Blessing

Boon Set 3:

  • Option 1:  Mana Blessing.png Mana Blessing: +20 Max Mana
  • Option 2: Armor Blessing.png Armor Blessing: +20 Max Armor
  • Option 3: Speed Blessing.png Speed Blessing: +3 Run Speed

Blessings max out at +100 Max Armor, +100 Max Mana, and +9 Run Speed.

Players have access to three rerolls per match. Rerolling cycles to the next Boon Set, with no repeats of prior choices.

Note: If a boon option is maxed out (Either equipment rarity or a Blessing) you will be offered a different option.
If you've maxed out all Blessings, Minor Minor Mana Blessing.png Mana Blessings & Minor Armor Blessing.png Armor Blessings (+5 Mana / Armor) will be offered in their place indefinitely.

Dominion-specific Mechanics[]

  • Players have the ability to Recall to The Merchant if they have any Boon Gems by holding down the Use key for 6 seconds.
    • Recalling restores health and armor to full before spawning them above their recall location.
  • Upon being exiled, the player will visit The Merchant and respawn after 15 seconds above a non-contested zone they control.
    • If their team does not control any zones, they will respawn at a starting spawn location instead.
  • Sorceries start on cooldown after Recalling or respawning.
  • When exiled, the player will always drop a random Scroll, but no other equipment or Consumables.
  • If there's a team size disparity, the disadvantaged team respawns 2 seconds faster for each missing player.
  • Players start with 70 Max Mana instead of 50.

Custom Dominion Matches[]

  • A minimum 2 parties of 3 players are required to join a match.
  • Custom Matches last up to 15 minutes.
  • The match will be played on the region of the player hosting the match.
  • All player Progression is disabled during the matches. (XP, Crowns, Accolades, Quests etc.)
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