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Giveaway Outfits are rare outfits, that are only given out for special occasions such as during community contests. playtests, twitch streams, or events such as PAX.

The Hollow[]

The Hollow is primarily obtained through specific community contests & events announced on the Official Discord Server.

Used to be given away through livestreams on Twitch by the developers on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Was also obtainable with 2500 HollowBot points during Chapter 1.

The Hollow Outfit

The Hollow.png

"Nothing personal, kid."


The limited edition Treeline outfit was gifted to 5000 participants in a contest held from June 11th to June 14th, 2020.

Also obtainable with 500 HollowBot points during Chapter 1.

Treeline Outfit


"Nature remains unharmed."


Gifted during SteelSeries, Alienware & Intel giveaways.

Also obtainable with 1500 HollowBot points during Chapter 1.

Also gifted to all Steam players during Chapter 2.

Sundown Outfit


"Power bides its time."


Giveaway Outfit gifted on Twitch by Content Creators.

Also obtainable with 2000 HollowBot points during Chapter 1.

Nightshade Outfit


"Hide in shadows."


Gifted on Twitch during Twitch Rivals 2020.

Also obtainable with 1000 HollowBot points during Chapter 1.

Lavender Outfit


"Deceptive beauty with deadly intent."

Noble Oasis[]

Giveaway Outfit gifted to GeForce NOW members.

Noble Oasis Outfit

Noble Oasis.png

"A welcome sight in the desert heat."

Enigmatic Marauder[]

Prime Gaming reward available from December 15th 2020 to January 27th 2021.

Enigmatic Marauder Outfit

Enigmatic Marauder.png

"Cruel intentions and unfeeling eyes."


Prime Gaming reward available from October 27th to December 1st, 2020.

Also gifted to all Xbox players during launch of Chapter 2.

Formerly named Ransack.

Anorak Outfit


"Take what you can get."


Prime Gaming reward available from April 17th to May 24th, 2021.

Pulsar Outfit


"The stars shine above."

Styling Sentry[]

Prime Gaming reward available from May 24th to June 17th, 2021.

Styling Sentry Outfit

Styling Sentry.png

"Fighting comes easy when you're this stylish."

Fashionable Forebear[]

Prime Gaming reward available from June 18th to July 16th, 2021.

Fashionable Forebear Outfit

Fashionable Forebear.png

"First to fashion, first to the fight."


The Pioneer outfit was gifted to all Closed Alpha players for helping with testing during early development.

Commonly referred to as "Pink Marla" by the community.

Pioneer Outfit


"First to the fight!"

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