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Fireball Spell

Notable changes from previous patch
  • Wind Gauntlet Rework
    • Wind Shear
      • Removed windup animation for casting; you now fire instantly.
      • Damage now falls off over distance between 5m to 15m.
      • Wind Jumps are not as powerful, but can now be chained for more height.
      • You can now wind jump off of any surface.
    • Tornado
      • Tornado no longer does damage
      • Duration reduced from 10 to 3 s
      • Cooldown reduced from 20 to 15 s
  • Frost Gauntlet
  • Lightning Gauntlet
  • Elemental Interactions
This is an archived page. It does not reflect the current state of Spellbreak.

One of the core aspects of combat in Spellbreak is the ability to cast Spells and Sorceries.

Players start the match with a magic-missile like spell that only does 10 damage.

More advanced Spells and Sorceries can be acquired by picking up a Gauntlet to use for both the left and the right hand respectively.

Gauntlets can be found throughout the Hollow Lands, but higher rarity gauntlets are only found in chests.

The left hand can instantly swap out a gauntlet by hitting the numbers 1, 2, 3, or 4 with a gauntlet equipped in the corresponding slot.

Each Gauntlet has a Spell that uses mana, and a Sorcery that is free, but has a longer cooldown timer. Both Spells and Sorceries are able to be enhanced further through Equipment.

If a player expends all their mana, they are locked out from casting spells for 2.5 seconds until they fully recharge their mana.

However, the player can still cast Sorceries, activate Runes and consume Potions / Armor Shards. If airborne, your character will hover whilst aiming and firing a Spell or Sorcery.

A Spell's effectiveness is influenced by the rarity of the gauntlet, whilst the Sorcery's effectiveness remains the same regardless of the rarity.

Selectable Scrolls can change the way both Spells and Sorceries interact with other players. They can change the AOE, spell cast time, cooldown, damage, etc. Read more under Classes.


Frost Gauntlet.png Frost Gauntlet
Spell Ice Lance
Description Fires an Ice projectile, freezes the ground creating ice patches along the travel path. Holding increases projectile damage/speed. (Full at 1.5s)
Rarities Common Uncommon Rare Epic Legendary
Mana Cost 25 22 20 18 17
Base Damage 11-45 14-58 15-63 17-67 18-72
Sorcery Flash Freeze
Description Freezes people around caster after a short cast time. Frozen players take half damage.
Cooldown 20 Seconds
Duration 2.5 Seconds
Wind Gauntlet.png Wind Gauntlet
Spell Wind Shear
Description Fires a Wind Shear that does damage on hit. Damage falls off between 5 - 15m. Shoot own feet for airborne jump.
Rarities Common Uncommon Rare Epic Legendary
Mana Cost 23 20 18 15 13
Damage 6-12 7-15 8-16 9-17 10-18
Sorcery Tornado
Description Create a tornado at cast area which pulls people towards the center of the vortex. Pulls airborne players harder.
Cooldown 15 Seconds
Duration 3 Seconds
Fire Gauntlet.png Fire Gauntlet
Spell Fireball
Description Fires a Fireball projectile, explodes on contact. Deals damage based on proximity to center of explosion. Can damage caster.
Rarities Common Uncommon Rare Epic Legendary
Mana Cost 25 22 20 18 17
On-Hit Damage 30 39 42 44 45
Minimum Blast Damage 10-29 10-38 10-41 10-43 10-44
Sorcery Flamewall
Description Create a wall of flame perpendicular to caster. Damages people standing in it. Blocks certain projectiles.
Cooldown 15 Seconds
Damage Per Second 24 (12 per tick)
Duration 15 Seconds
Toxic Gauntlet.png Toxic Gauntlet
Spell Toxic Spray
Description Fires a cluster of ten toxic projectiles, Damage is based on number of projectiles hit [1/4/7/9]. Creates puddles of poison upon landing on ground. The puddle can damage self.
Rarities Common Uncommon Rare Epic Legendary
Mana Cost 20 18 16 15 14
Total damage on hit 8/16/25/35 13/26/39/52 14/28/42/56 15/30/45/60 16/32/48/64
Minimum Blast Damage 4 4 4 4 4
Sorcery Toxic Cloud
Description Fires a toxic projectile, leaving a lingering cloud at site of contact. Can damage caster.
Cooldown 10 Seconds
Damage Per Second 15 (5 per tick)
Duration 8 Seconds
Lightning Gauntlet.png Lightning Gauntlet
Spell Lightning Bolt
Description Fires three lightning projectiles shot in rapid succession. Each projectile being less accurate than the last. The first shot in burst has no bloom.
Rarities Common Uncommon Rare Epic Legendary
Mana Cost 27 24 21 18 15
Base Shot Damage 9 11 12 13 14
Triple Shot Damage 27 33 36 39 42
Sorcery Lightning Strike
Description Create a zone where a lightning bolt will strike all targets caught in it after 0.9 seconds, dealing damage and shocking those hit for 2 seconds. Can damage caster.
Cooldown 15 Seconds
Damage 20
Stone Gauntlet.png Stone Gauntlet
Spell Shockwave
Description Fires a Shockwave of earth that travels through the ground from caster. Requires to be on ground to cast. Can roll over hills.
Rarities Common Uncommon Rare Epic Legendary
Mana Cost 20 18 16 15 14
Damage 30 39 42 44 45
Sorcery Boulderfall
Description Fires a boulder that grows size and damage over time, then explodes on impact.
Can damage caster.
Cooldown 10 Seconds
On Hit Damage Maximum 50 Damage
Minimum radial damage 20 Damage

Elemental Interactions

Sorceries Spells Ice [Flash Freeze] Fire [Flamewall] Lightning [Lightning Strike] Stone [Boulderfall] Toxic [Toxic Cloud] Wind [Tornado]

[Ice Lance]

Freezing a player by any means, makes them immune to being frozen again for 5 seconds. Each part of the Flamewall can block an Ice Lance shot once, before being extinguished.

Similarly, Ice Lance also extinguishes Fireballs.

Lightning Strike electrifies ice patches, blocks of ice, water and steam puddles, shocking nearby players. Boulderfall can block Ice Lance shots, which freezes it visually, but it does nothing gameplay wise currently.

Boulderfall smashes ice patches and blocks, as well as removing water puddles.

Ice Lance freezes Toxic Cloud into a big block of ice. Players caught inside the cloud become frozen instead, which rids of the cloud. The Tornado's gravity affects the trajectory of Ice Lance shots slightly.

The Tornado breaks ice patches in its radius, freezing players standing on them in place. Also removes ice blocks, water and steam puddles.



Fireballs melt ice patches and turns them into puddles of water if in close proximity. On direct contact, it turns them into steam puddles that deal damage instead.

Flash Freeze extinguishes all ground fires and fills the area with ice patches. Turns steam puddles into small blocks of ice. Players caught inside the steam become frozen instead.

Fireballs pass through the Flamewall. Using Lightning Strike near a Flamewall will redirect the lightning to it, instead of the player. Boulderfall can block Fireballs, setting it ablaze, causing it to leave a large flame puddle for 5 seconds if it hits the ground directly. Toxic Cloud ignites into a large area of Dragonfire on contact with fire.

Firing the projectile through fire will cause the Toxic Cloud to explode into Dragonfire upon landing.

Fireball will turn poison puddles into Dragonfire that spreads to other nearby poison puddles.

The Tornado's gravity affects the trajectory of Fireballs heavily.

Igniting the Tornado loses its power to pull, but does damage in an area of effect.

If toxified, the Tornado explodes vertically.


[Lightning Bolt]

Lightning Bolts electrify ice patches / water puddles on the ground. If steam puddles or blocks of ice are electrified, it creates a small electrified area of effect around it, shocking nearby players.

Ice Lance can block Lightning Bolts

Lightning Bolts pass through the Flamewall. shocking a player by any means, makes them immune to being shocked again for 5 seconds. Boulderfall can block Lightning Bolts. Lightning Bolt electrifies both big and small Toxic Clouds, shocking nearby players end extending its duration.

Firing the Toxic Cloud or Toxic Spray projectiles through an electrified area, will electrify another area around them upon landing.

The Tornado's gravity doesn't affect the trajectory of Lightning Bolts.

Electrifying the Tornado results in it becoming charged, creating a large area of effect shock.



Shockwave smashes ice patches, freezing players standing on them in place. Removes ice blocks and water puddles, but not steam puddles. Shockwave passes through the Flamewall, leaving a fire trail along its trajectory. With perfect timing, Lightning Strike can stop Shockwave in its tracks. Both Shockwaves & Boulders can collide with oneanother.

Bouncing a Shockwave with the Rockslide skill makes it able to damage the caster.

Both the Shockwave and Boulderfall removes poison puddles from the ground, but not Toxic Clouds. The Tornado's gravity affects the trajectory of Boulderfall heavily. Doesn't affect Shockwave.

[Toxic Spray]

Toxic Spray turns ice patches and water puddles into poison puddles. And it turns steam puddles into deadly small Toxic Clouds.

Flash Freeze turns poison puddles & small Toxic Clouds into unharmful frozen toxic patches and blocks of ice respectively.

All of which can be ignited into Dragonfire.

Each part of the Flamewall can block an unlimited amount of Toxic Spray shots, and turns it into Dragonfire. Lightning Strike electrifies poison puddles and both big and small Toxic Clouds, shocking nearby players.

Toxic Spray can block Lightning Bolts.

Boulderfall can block both Toxic Spray and interact with the Toxic Cloud projectile. Toxic Spray can fire through a Toxic Cloud. The Tornado's gravity affects the trajectory of Toxic Spray heavily. Dissipates Toxic Cloud projectiles, and any clouds or poison puddles on the ground.

Toxifying the Tornado remains its power to pull, and makes it do damage in an area of effect.

If ignited, the Tornado explodes vertically.


[Wind Shear]

Wind Shear shatters ice patches, freezing players standing on them in place. Also removes water and steam puddles, but doesn't affect ice blocks. Each part of the Flamewall can block a Wind Shear once before being extinguished.

Similarly, Wind Shear also extinguishes Fireballs.

Lightning Strike will hit a player no matter how high up in the air they are from Wind Shear.

Wind Shear will carry electricity if shot through an electrified area, shocking players they hit.

Boulderfall can block Wind Shear, causing it to either lose or gain momentum, allowing it to be pushed further than usual. Wind Shear creates small Toxic Clouds when passing through them, or upon hitting toxic puddles. But also dissipates both small and large Toxic Clouds with three Wind Shears.

Additionally, they affect the Toxic Cloud projectile's trajectory.

The Tornado's gravity affects the trajectory of Wind Shears slightly.

Wind Shears can collide with oneanother.


  • Dragonfire: 40 DPS (20 per tick)
  • Small Toxic Cloud: 24 DPS (8 per tick)
  • Toxic Puddle & Cloud: 15 DPS (5 per tick)
  • Toxic Tornado: 15 DPS (5 per tick)
  • Fire Tornado: 15 DPS (7.5 per tick)
  • Fire: 24 DPS (12 per tick)
  • Steam Puddle: 9 DPS (3 per tick)

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