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Ice Lance & Toxic Spray Spells

This is an archived page. It does not reflect the current state of Spellbreak.

Notable changes from previous patch
  • All Gauntlets:
    • Sorcery cooldowns are now rarity dependent:
      • Cooldown is now 18/16/15/14/13 for all Gauntlets except Stone
      • Stone's Boulderfall cooldown is now 14/13/12/11/10
    • Mana costs are now independent of rarity.
  • Fire Gauntlet:
    • +18% Cast Speed
    • Fireball's damage is now 25/30/34/38/42 from 25/30/34/36/38.
    • Mana cost is now 17 from 20/18/17/16/15.
    • Fireball collision reduced by ~30%.
    • Flamewall duration decreased from 15s to 6s.
    • Flamewall cast animation increased from 0.6s to 0.8s.
    • All flames now deal 18 DPS up from 12 DPS.
  • Toxic Gauntlet:
    • +18% Cast Speed
    • Toxic Spray's damage reduced to 30/36/41/46/51 from 30/36/41/43/46.
    • Mana cost is now 17 from 20/18/17/16/15.
    • Spray now dissipates after 0.65s in the air (prev 2s).
    • Reduced spread by 17%.
    • Reduced pellet physics size by 50%.
    • Toxic Cloud cast animation increased from 0.8s to 1.2s.
    • Toxic Clouds, Puddles & Mist now deal 18 DPS from 12 DPS.
  • Frost Gauntlet:
    • +18% Cast Speed
    • Hover on aim now base behaviour.
    • Mana cost now 24-48 from 30-60 / 27-54 / 24-48 / 21-42 / 20-40.
  • Stone Gauntlet:
    • +18% Cast Speed
    • Shockwave's damage is now 30/39/42/45/50 from 30/39/42/44/45.
    • Mana cost is now 21 (from 25/23/21/20/19).
    • Boulderfall damage increases faster. Min damage increased from 20 to 30.
    • +65% longer windup animation.
  • Wind Gauntlet:
    • +15% Cast Speed
    • Wind Shear's damage is now 6/8/9/11/12 from 7/9/10/11/12. (post-hotfix)
    • Mana cost is now 9 (from 9/9/9/8/8).
    • Tornado cast animation increased from 0.9s to 1.3s.
    • Ignite / Toxic Tornados now deal 18 DPS from 12 DPS.
    • Tornado damage radius reduced by 40%.
    • Now only applies ignite upon exiting.
  • Lightning Gauntlet:
    • +5% Cast Speed
    • Removed 0.4s windup animation delay
    • Aim Assist reduced
    • Lightning Bolt's damage reduced to 7/8/9/10/11 from 7/8/9/9/10.
    • Mana cost is now 9 from 9/9/9/8/8.
    • Lightning Strike's cooldown is now 18/16/15/14/13 from 15.
    • Lightning Strike damage increased from 20 to 25.
  • Gravity reduced by 25%
    • Does not affect Shockwave, Springstep, Featherfall, or Bedrock fall speed.
    • Wind Surge 35% reduction removed

Gauntlets of different elements may be equipped in both the right (primary) and left (secondary) hand respectively.
The Gauntlets' imbued elements dictate which Spells & Sorceries the player has access to.

Players start the match with a Common Gauntlet in their primary hand, whose element will correspond to their Class.
This primary Gauntlet can only be upgraded in rarity, unlike the offhand one which may be swapped out freely.
Without a Gauntlet equipped, they can only fire a weak arcane spell which deals 10 damage.

Spells have no cooldown, but require mana to be cast.
The more powerful Sorceries do have a cooldown, but don't require mana to cast.

Elements combine with each other in various unique ways, for more info see Elemental Interactions.


Fire Gauntlet Round 3.1.png
Fire Gauntlet
Spell Fireball
Send a scorching ball of fire flying towards your opponents. Explodes on contact, dealing damage based on proximity to center of explosion.
Creates a lingering Flame Puddle on ground hit. Can damage caster.
Mana Cost: 17
Speed: 32.5 m/s
Common Uncommon Rare Epic Legendary
Damage 8 - 25 8 - 30 8 - 34 8 - 38 8 - 42
DPS 9.8 - 30.7 9.8 - 36.9 9.8 - 41.8 9.8 - 46.7 9.8 - 51.6
Sorcery Flamewall
Conjure a wall of fire perpendicular to caster.
Damages and applies Ignite to opponents hit for 2 s. Blocks Ice / Toxic projectiles. Can damage caster.
DPS: 18 Duration: 6 s
Ignite DPS: 4 Range: 28 m
Common Uncommon Rare Epic Legendary
Cooldown 18 s 17 s 15 s 14 s 13 s
Stone Gauntlet Round 3.1.png
Stone Gauntlet
Spell Shockwave
Cause an eruption of fast-moving earth along the ground, damaging all opponents it passes through. Damage falls off between 25 m - 40 m.
Travels down slopes easier. Must be grounded to cast.
Mana Cost: 21
Speed: 54 m/s
Common Uncommon Rare Epic Legendary
Damage 30 39 42 45 50
DPS 13.6 - 27.2 17.7 - 35.4 19.1 - 38.2 20.4 - 40.8 22.7 - 45.4
Sorcery Boulderfall
Throw a massive boulder that explodes and damages on impact.
Damage increases with airtime over 0.5 s. Can damage caster.
30 - 50
Common Uncommon Rare Epic Legendary
Cooldown 14 s 13 s 12 s 11 s 10 s
Toxic Gauntlet Round 3.1.png
Toxic Gauntlet
Spell Toxic Spray
Toxic Spray.png
Toxic Spray.png
Spray 10 toxic streams in front of you which dissipate over 0.65 s.
Deals damage based on the number of projectiles hit [1/4/7/9].
Any toxic damage done applies Corrosion for 3 s.
Mana Cost: 17
Speed: 40 m/s
Common Uncommon Rare Epic Legendary
Damage 7/14/22/30 8/17/26/36 9/19/30/41 11/22/34/46 12/24/37/51
Max DPS 36.1 43.4 49.3 55.4 61.4
Sorcery Toxic Cloud
Toxic Cloud.png
Toxic Cloud.png
Toss a toxic glob that expands into a toxic cloud on impact. Damages and applies Corrosion to opponents hit for 3 s. Can damage (but not corrode) caster. DPS: 18 Corrosion DPS: 4 (armor only)
Duration: 5 s
Common Uncommon Rare Epic Legendary
Cooldown 18 s 17 s 15 s 14 s 13 s
Lightning Gauntlet Round 3.1.png
Lightning Gauntlet
Spell Lightning Bolt
Lightning Bolt.png
Lightning Bolt.png
Rapidly fire lightning bolts at your opponents.
Projectile spread increases during cast, excluding the first bolt.
Damage falls off between 8 m - 34 m.
Mana Cost: 9
Speed: 300 m/s
Common Uncommon Rare Epic Legendary
Damage 5 - 7 6 - 8 6 - 9 7 - 10 7 - 11
DPS 14.7 - 20.6 17.6 - 23.5 17.6 - 26.4 20.6 - 29.4 20.6 - 32.3
Sorcery Lightning Strike
Lightning Strike.png
Lightning Strike.png
Summon a lightning strike after a delay of 0.9 seconds.
Damages and applies Shock to opponents hit.
Can target caster. (5.75 m radius)
Damage: 25 Range: 28 m
Duration: 2 s
Common Uncommon Rare Epic Legendary
Cooldown 18 s 17 s 15 s 14 s 13 s
Frost Gauntlet Round 3.1.png
Frost Gauntlet
Spell Ice Lance
Ice Lance.png
Ice Lance.png
Charge and unleash a deadly shard of ice. Charging decreases Run Speed, but increases Ice Lance's damage, velocity and mana cost. (full at 1.75 s)
Charging mid-air triggers Hover. Charge-up is audible to nearby players.
Mana Cost:
24 - 48
Speed: 200 m/s
Common Uncommon Rare Epic Legendary
Damage 15 - 45 19 - 57 21 - 63 22 - 66 24 - 72
Max DPS 20.7 26.2 29 30.4 33.1
Sorcery Flash Freeze
Flash Freeze.png
Flash Freeze.png
Chill the area around you, slowing opponents inside of it
by up to 50% over 1.5 s before Freezing them. The cold also encloses the area with a barrier that blocks Fire / Wind / Lightning projectiles. (6 m radius)
Duration: 3 s
Duration: 2 s
Common Uncommon Rare Epic Legendary
Cooldown 18 s 17 s 15 s 14 s 13 s
Wind Gauntlet Round 3.1.png
Wind Gauntlet
Spell Wind Shear
Wind Shear.png
Wind Shear.png
Rapidly summon gusts of wind to damage your opponents
and deflect their spells. Damage falls off between 5 m - 20 m.
Mana Cost: 9
Speed: 80 m/s
Common Uncommon Rare Epic Legendary
Damage 3 - 6 3 - 8 3 - 9 4 - 11 5 - 12
DPS 13.8 - 27.6 13.8 - 36.8 13.8 - 41.4 18.4 - 50.6 23 - 55.2
Sorcery Tornado
Conjure a tornado to pull your opponents in towards its vortex.
Pulls airborne opponents harder. Can pull caster. (13 m radius)
Duration: 4 s
Range: 28 m
Common Uncommon Rare Epic Legendary
Cooldown 18 s 17 s 15 s 14 s 13 s

Gauntlet Mechanics[]

There are a number of mechanics tied to specific Gauntlets and their corresponding Classes, but this section will only cover the universal ones.

Equipping Gauntlets[]

Gauntlets along with other equipment is dispersed across the Hollow Lands in BR, or looted from Vowguards / The Merchant in Dominion.
However, higher rarity loot is only found at Elemental Shrines or in Gauntlet Chest New.png Chests, with Legendary rarity being limited to Mana Vault New.png Mana Vaults.
The Spellslinger.png Spellslinger Talent unlocks the ability to store and swap Gauntlets through the hotbar. Gauntlet swapping resets Sorcery cooldowns.

Spell Damage modifiers, as the name suggests, amplifies the damage of Gauntlet Spells, it stacks additively. (Base * Total Spell Damage %)

Mana Recharge & Hover Mechanics[]

Players start out with a base max mana of 50 / 70 (BR / Dominion), which may be increased through Amulets or Mana Blessings.
This will limit the amount of Spells cast in quick succession. They also cannot cast Spells while levitating.
Once a player has depleted all their mana, they are locked out from casting Spells and levitating until they fully recharge it over 1 second.
However, they're free to perform actions which don't require mana, such as using Runes or casting Sorceries.

Each Gauntlet's main Spell has a different cast time and recovery time, both collectively referred to as Cast Speed. These saw a substantial increase in Chapter 2.
Cast time denotes the duration of the cast animation, whilst recovery time denotes the time delay before casting the next spell or mana recharging after firing.
Some gauntlets have an additional mana recharging delay added on top of their recovery time:

  • The Frost Gauntlet 3.1.png Frost Gauntlet and Lightning Gauntlet 3.1.png Lightning Gauntlet each have an additional mana recharging delay of 0.5 s & 0.57 s respectively.

Aiming a Sorcery or Ice Lance.png Ice Lance while airborne will cause a player to hover, greatly reducing the effect of gravity. May be cancelled with a Spell-input.
Casting Spells while airborne prevents acceleration and applies a small amount of friction.

Projectile & Crosshair Mechanics[]

Projectiles can collide with both opponents and squadmates alike.
However, only damage and Crowd Control the caster is capable of self-inflicting, can afflict their squadmates.

Spellbreak's crosshair is attached to a third person camera that's slightly to the right of the in-game character firing the spells.
When aiming at far away targets, this doesn't impact the player's aiming experience much compared to a traditional FPS.
But when aiming at nearby targets, the discrepancy between their relative positions causes issues.
To compensate for this, there's a special rule in place for very fast projectiles:

"For targets closer than 10 meters, the Ice Lance.png Ice Lance and Lightning Bolt.png Lightning Bolt projectiles
will only hit if the player's crosshair was aimed directly at their hitbox upon firing."

The rule doesn't apply for distances above 10 meters, nor for other Spells.

Elemental Interactions[]

The following table lists all elemental interactions between Spells & Sorceries. Mouseover keywords to read their effects.

All the elemental interactions listed are universal. This means that everyone can combo and interact with the elements the same regardless of who they originated from.

Sorceries →
Spells ↓
Flamewall.png          Flamewall          
Boulderfall.png         Boulderfall         
Toxic Cloud.png          Toxic Cloud          
Lightning Strike.png    Lightning Strike    
Flash Freeze.png        Flash Freeze        
Tornado.png            Tornado            


Fireball passes through Flame Puddles and the Flamewall. Fireballs can collide with each other.

Boulderfall can be set ablaze, leaving a large Flame Puddle on the ground.

On contact with fire Toxic Cloud ignites into a large explosion of Dragonfire that deals deals 3 ticks of 13 damage over 0.66 s. The explosion clears fires.

Firing the projectile through fire will ignite it upon landing.

Fireball will also turn Toxic Puddles into Dragonfire on contact with the puddle or a player standing on one. The fire will spread to other connected Toxic Puddles nearby.

Using Lightning Strike near a Flamewall will redirect the lightning to it.

Fireballs block Lightning Bolts.

Fireballs turn Ice Puddles into Steam Puddles on direct contact with the puddle or a player standing on one. They can also break ice blocks. The Flamewall and Fireball extinguish upon hitting these puddles directly.

Flash Freeze extinguishes all ground fires and turns Steam Puddles into small ice blocks. If a player is caught inside the steam it turns into Ice Mist instead.

The edge of the zone blocks Fireballs.

The Tornado's gravity affects the trajectory of Fireballs heavily.

If hit directly it absorbs them, turning into a Fire Tornado that deals 9 DPS and applies Ignite upon exiting.

If then toxified, the Tornado explodes vertically.

If hit directly it absorbs them, and ignites into a Fire Tornado.

If then toxified, the Tornado explodes vertically.


Shockwave passes through fire, leaving a Fire Trail behind along its path. Shockwave can block Fireballs.

Both Shockwaves & Boulders can collide with each other.

Shockwave removes Toxic Puddles from the ground, and passes through Toxic Clouds.

With perfect timing, Lightning Strike can stop Shockwave in its tracks.

Shockwave shatters Ice Puddles and blocks, creating Ice Mists in their place. Also removes water puddles, but not Steam Puddles.

The Tornado's gravity affects the trajectory of Boulderfall heavily. Shockwave can block Wind Shears.

Toxic Spray.png

Toxic Spray

Flame Puddles and the Flamewall can block an unlimited amount of Toxic Spray shots, turning into Dragonfire. Toxic Spray is blocked by Fireballs.

Boulderfall can block Toxic Spray and collide with the Toxic Cloud projectile. Removes Toxic Puddles on impact.

Toxic Spray passes through Toxic Clouds.

Lightning Strike electrifies Toxic Puddles and Toxic Clouds, shocking nearby players in a 10 m radius.

Toxic Spray carries electricity to its puddles if fired through lightning, shocking players that touch them. The projectiles can also block Lightning Bolts.

Toxic Spray turns Ice Puddles and water puddles into Toxic Puddles on contact with the puddle or a player standing on one. Steam Puddles turn into small Toxic Clouds instead.

Flash Freeze turns Toxic Puddles into unharmful Toxic Ice Puddles, which can be ignited into a large Dragonfire.

Toxic Spray streams pass through the zone, but freeze into icicles that now interact as ice projectiles.

The Tornado's gravity affects the trajectory of Toxic Spray heavily. It dissipates the Toxic Cloud projectile, as well as any Toxic Mists, puddles or clouds in its radius.

Toxifying the Tornado turns it into a Toxic Tornado, dealing 9 DPS near the ground and applying Corrosion upon exiting.

If then ignited, the Tornado explodes vertically.

If toxified, it turns into a Toxic Tornado.

If then ignited, the Tornado explodes vertically.
Lightning Bolt.png

Lightning Bolt

Lightning Bolt passes through the Flamewall.

Boulderfall can block Lightning Bolts.

Lightning Bolt is blocked by and electrifies Toxic Cloud for 2 seconds, shocking nearby players in a 10 m radius. The cloud can be electrified mid-flight.

The bolts also electrify Toxic Puddles on contact with them directly or a player standing on one.

Shocked players gain shock immunity for 5 seconds.

Lightning Bolts electrify Ice Puddles and water puddles on contact with the puddle or a player standing on one.

Hitting Steam Puddles or small blocks of ice electrifies a radius around them, shocking nearby players. The bolts can block Ice Lance.

The edge of Flash Freeze blocks Lightning Bolts.

The Tornado's gravity doesn't affect the trajectory of Lightning Bolts.

If hit directly it absorbs them, electrifying the Tornado and shocking anyone near it.
If hit directly it absorbs them, and electrifies into a Lightning Tornado.
Ice Lance.png

Ice Lance

The Flamewall cannot be spawned inside Flash Freeze. Each part of the wall and Flame Puddles can block one Ice Lance shot before being extinguished. Similarly, Ice Lance also extinguishes Fireballs, melting in the process.

Boulderfall will freeze solid upon blocking Ice Lance shots or by traveling into a Flash Freeze zone, creating Ice Mist on impact.

It can also create the mist by shattering Ice Puddles and ice blocks.

Toxic Cloud freezes into a block of ice upon getting hit by Ice Lance or landing inside Flash Freeze.

Lightning Strike electrifies water, Steam Puddles, Ice Puddles and blocks of ice, shocking nearby players. If a player is caught inside the cloud as it freezes, it turns into Ice Mist instead.

Flash Freeze refreezes water puddles into Ice Puddles.
Frozen players gain freeze immunity for 5 seconds.

Ice Lance shots can collide with each other.

The Tornado's gravity affects the trajectory of Ice Lance shots heavily.

Removes water puddles, Ice Puddles and Ice Mists in its radius.

Wind Shear.png

Wind Shear

Wind Shear passes through and extinguishes an unlimited amount of Flame Puddles and parts of the Flamewall.

Wind Shears are blocked by Fireballs, but alter their trajectory slightly in the process.

Boulderfall can block Wind Shear, causing it to either lose or gain momentum, allowing it to be pushed further than usual.

Wind Shear can affect Toxic Cloud's trajectory, and will also completely dissipate the cloud over five hits.

Wind Shear carries toxicity if fired through toxic, creating Toxic Mist on impact, as well as on contact with a Toxic Puddle or a player standing on one.

Wind Shear carries electricity if fired through lightning, shocking players on impact.

Lightning Strike will strike a player no matter their height off the ground.

Wind Shear shatters Ice Puddles on contact with the puddle or a player standing on one, creating Ice Mists in their place. Also removes water and Steam Puddles, but doesn't affect ice blocks.

The edge of Flash Freeze blocks Wind Shears.

The Tornado's gravity affects the trajectory of Wind Shears slightly.

Wind Shears can collide with each other.

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